Benefits of the program

There’re 3 additional bonuses, which come with this program.

First bonus is Abs & Arms Assault guide, as name suggests, includes some series of the handpicked exercise routines that can give you the super and sexy arms. Whereas the shoulders and waist are primary parts that actually define the physical attractiveness, arms are very important in overall visual impression that you give to somebody.

Second bonus is unlimited lifetime upgrades. It is particularly important as the new ideas and techniques keep on coming up now and then, if it happens that the new ideas that can make the Adonis Golden Ratio review better come out, and you will have an access to one added ideas without any extra charge.

Third bonus what John calls is ‘7 Days Out’, contribution by the renowned fitness guru Leon and it is basically 7day’s of plan for shedding over 15 pounds off. There’re some tricks there that he demonstrates & although they may appear like over a top, and claims they work.

Online forum is the important part of program as it gives priceless psychological motivation, which you want to complete the program. Suppose you have used the fitness program earlier, you know that chances to slack off are high in case you go alone. Author reckons that majority of the dietary supplements for the fat loss are total waste of the money. There’re some exceptions of and some are there in Supplementation guide, which comes with the program. Note supplements aren’t compulsory and in many cases, you are advised to totally avoid them.

Additional Bonuses

  • Program belongs to the select group of the ‘tried & tested’ fitness plans that are backed by many user testimonials, all along with ‘before & after’ images in backing up these claims.
  • The Adonis Golden Ratio review is the thorough program with the clear goals and exact steps on what you want to do in order to achieve the objectives.
  • Muscle building methods are some highly advanced and give the healthy lean muscle.
  • Program works for fitness levels and body types. No matter whether you are muscular or over-weight, you just have to select the objective as well as follow through with instructions & correct workout program.
  • Access to forum online is the priceless privilege that each user gets.


The Adonis Golden Ratio system is the truly unique proposition of the fitness goals. This lays out the unique approach in order to achieve the ideal fitness goals as well as gives you an option to select the destiny based on if you would like to lose fat and gain lean muscle and both of them. From then, the goal is very clear & you know what you can do to achieve this. The Adonis Golden Ratio system is recommended to any of the fitness enthusiast that wants to change in a way they actually work out. Video instructional and nutrition software are just accessible on internet to the users that have bought this system.